Last update 13-Feb-2004

MBSE BBS Programs.

  1. mbaff, Announce newfiles and filefind
  2. mball, Allfiles and newfiles list creator
  3. mbcico, The Fidonet mailer ala ifcico
  4. mbdiff, Nodelist difference processor
  5. mbfido, Fidonet mail and files procesor
  6. mbfile, Files database maintenance program
  7. mbindex, Nodelist index compiler
  8. mblang, Language datafile compiler
  9. mblogin, Unix login replacement
  10. mbmon, The monitor program
  11. mbmsg, The messagebase utility program
  12. mbnntp, The news server
  13. mbout, The mailer outbound program
  14. mbpasswd, The passwd wrapper
  15. mbsebbs, The bbs program
  16. mbseq, Sequence number creator
  17. mbsetup, The setup program
  18. mbstat, The bbs status change program
  19. mbtoberep, The lister
  20. mbuser, The userbase maintenance program
  21. mbuseradd, The adduser wrapper
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