Last update 11-Aug-2005

mball - Allfiles listing generator


mball [commands] <options>



mball is the allfiles and newfiles listing generator that can be made available on your bbs for your users to get a complete listing of wat is available for download. When used with the -zip option it can also produce complessed versions of these two listings. The resulting files are created in the current directory. After the creation of these files you can hatch them into your bbs with the programs mbfido tic when you properly setup a .tic file area for this purpose and create records for the hatch manager.

Just before the reports are created, and if you defined WWW and FTP logfiles with mbsetup in menu 1.13, the logfiles are analysed and and files downloaded from the bbs are counted as valid downloads. To make sure downloads are only counted once, a status file is created in ~/var, this marks the date the last time the logfiles are checked. For the best results make sure you run mball before any WWW and FTP logfiles are rotated, else you might miss some downloads.



In order to run mball you need to set the global variable $MBSE_ROOT. This variable must point to the root of the bbs directory structure. The main configuration file must be present in the ~/etc directory.



mball list - Create allfiles.txt and newfiles.txt files.



mball [command] -quiet - Quiet mode, supress screen output.
mball list -zip - Create zipped listings as well.



In mbsetup menu 1.13 you need to set the days to include in newfiles listings and the maximum security level. Also define valid paths to logfiles that are created by your web and ftp server.

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