Last update 27-Aug-2005

mbuseradd - The useradd wrapper.


mbuseradd [gid] [username] [comment] [userdir]



mbuseradd is the wrapper for the useradd program that should be present on most GNU/Linux systems. useradd may only be executed by root and there are some other minor things that need to be done as root to create a new Unix account that can be used with MBSE BBS. The solution for these problems is mbuseradd, this little program runs setuid root and setgid root. If it fails to do that it aborts. mbuseradd is called by mbnewusr and checks if it's called like that. If it is successfull the user will have an entry in /etc/passwd, the comment is his Fidonet name, and his shell is $MBSE_ROOT/bin/mbsebbs.

If all this is successfull until now, the homedirectory for this user is created and the right ownership and permissions are set. In his homedirectory the empty file .hushlogin is placed to prevent check for new mail when he logs into your system. This is the Unix mailcheck that is skipped and has nothing todo with the check for new mail in the bbs. All other directories that are needed for the bbs are created by mbsebbs.



In order to run mbuseradd you must set the global variable $MBSE_ROOT. This variable must point to the root directory of the bbs structure. The main configuration file must be present in the ~/etc directory. mbuseradd must be installed setuid root and setgid root, ls -la looks like this:

-rws--s--x   1 root     root         6644 Jun 26 21:23 /opt/mbse/bin/mbuseradd*



Not mentioned here because mbuseradd is only called by mbnewusr, running manually is not supported.

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