Last update 30-Jan-2001

mbaff - Announce new files and FileFind processor.


mbaff [command] <options>



mbaff is the new files report generator and filefind server for mbsebbs. In order to run mbaff you must first start mbsed, this is the deamon which controls all bbs activities.

When mbaff is run with the commandline command announce the first thing it does is to scan all the file databases for files from which the announced flag is not yet set, and that area has a valid newfiles groupname. These files are uploads for example. If such a file is found the announced flag is set and the file is added to the file. This file may already contain new files who were received as .tic files and processed by the mbfido program. After this is done the file is compared against the newfiles reports to see if there is anything to report. If that's the case the creation of reports begins in the echomail areas specified. After that the file is erased and the mailout semafore set.
The files to announce are divided into groups, the names of the groups are set in the file download areas. If you plan this well, you can make seperate announcements for several networks, announce files bij groups of file, ie. HAM or .jpg pictures, GNU/Linux etc.

When mbaff is run with the commandline command filefind it will search each echomail area for unreceived messages addressed to allfix or filefind. It will read the message header and mark the message as received. The search options are set on the subject line. All file areas for which the filefind flag is set to true will be searched for the requested search patterns. If there are files found a reply will be generated for the user who wrote the request. If the reply area is different from the scan area, the reply is placed in the reply area. If it's not set, the reply goes into the same area. If the netmail option is set, the reply will be sent by netmail. To prevent echomail overflow the replies in the same area are limited to 15 found files, replies in the other echomail area are limited to 50 files. Netmail replies will contain up to 100 files.



In order to run mbaff you need to set one global environment variable $MBSE_ROOT. This variable must point to the root of the bbs directoy structure. The main configuration file must be present in the ~/etc subdirectory.



mbaff announce - Announce new files.
mbaff filefind - Process filefind requests.



mbaff [command] -quiet - Quiet mode, no screen output. Use this switch if you run mbaff from the crontab.

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