Last update 07-Jul-2001

mbstat - MBSE BBS Status Changer


mbstat [commands] <options>



mbstat changes the bbs status between open and close, can wait for all users to logoff and wait for critical utilities to stop their actions.



In order to run mbstat you must set the global variable $MBSE_ROOT. This variable must point to the root directory of the bbs structure. The main configuration file must be present in the ~/etc directory.



mbstat semafore scanout will set the internal semafore scanout in the mbtask daemon. The following semafore's are valid: scanout, mailout, mailin, mbindex, reqindex, msglink.

mbstat close will close the bbs for users. Users that are just logging in to the bbs will be thrown out after a short message. Users already logged in will be thrown out when they pass by a menu prompt. So users who are doing file transfers can finish their transfers before being disconnected.

mbstat open opens the bbs for users. This should be run from one of the system startup scripts right after you started mbsed. If you installed everything as it should this command is already executed at system startup.

mbstat wait will wait for the bbs to become free. This includes a check for utilities that do critical actions so they can finish their job without corrupting the bbs databases. The default is to wait 60 minutes. If the semafore upsdown exists it will wait only 30 seconds.

You should run mbstat close wait in your system shutdown script so that the system shutdown will wait for a clean shutdown of the bbs before the rest of your system goes down. If you installed everything as it should be then these commands are already installed in your system shutdown scripts.


mbstat [command] -quiet will supress screen output. This is good for using mbstat in scripts.

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