Last update 26-Aug-2005

mbnntp - News server


mbnntp You should not run this from the commandline, instead it should be run by inetd or xinetd.



mbnntp is a RFC977 and RFC2980 compatible news server. The purpose is to make echomail available to newsreader clients so that bbs users can use their favourite newsreader to participate in echomail. It will not make your newsgroups available if you have any, the bbs user can get these directly from the internet. The bbs echomail areas are only made available if they have a valid newsgroup name set in the area setup. If this is not alread set, invent your own newsgroup name. For example the WWB echomail area MBSE could be set as fido.wwb.mbse, but you can use anything as long as it doesn't conflict with real newsgroups.

To use the server, the user must login in the news server with his bbs unix name and password, thus the user must exist on the bbs. The access to the areas is the same as if the user would be logged into the bbs.



If installed from inetd add the following line to /etc/inetd.conf:

nntp    stream  tcp     nowait  mbse    /opt/mbse/bin/mbnntp    mbnntp



If you did run ./configure --enable-newsgate when you compiled the mbse package, mbnntp will be build as a not working program. This is intended to prevent loops between real news and echomail. With normal builds without --enable-newsgate (recommended) mbnntp will function as newsserver.

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