Last update 05-May-2002

mbsetup - The Setup Program


mbsetup [init]



mbsetup is the setup program for MBSE BBS. It should be run only by user mbse and it fails to start if you are not. If it is started with the optional paramater init only the databases are initialized. This is automagic done by mbtask when you start the system for the very first time. You should never need to use this switch. When mbsetup is started without arguments the databases will be checked and initialized before the main screen is displayed. Both methods are being used to make sure all needed databases excist. For a detailed description of all setup options see MBSE BBS Setup Guide
mbsetup uses locking to protect the system databases. Some setup menus can only be entered if the bbs is free, ie. no users logged on, no mailer sessions, not tossing mail etc. If the bbs is free, then these menus can be entered and the bbs will be closed. No users can login, tossers do not run etc. Only mailer calls are still accepted. So be carefull not to stay too long in these menus, you are blocking normal bbs use. In the top status bar this situation is displayed.



In order to run mbsetup you must set the global variable $MBSE_ROOT. This variable must point to the root directory of the bbs structure. The main configuration file must be present in the ~/etc directory. If it is not present, ie you run mbsetup for the first time, a default will be created. This will also happen with several other databases.

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