Last update 30-Jan-2001

mbmsg - Message Base Utility


mbmsg [commands] <options>



mbmsg is the message base utility program for mbsebbs. In order to run mbmsg you must have started mbsed, this is the deamon which controls all bbs activities.

The main purpose of mbmsg is to link messages after tossing mail, and to maintain the size of the message bases and the age of the messages. The best way to do the maintenance is to run mbmsg from the crontab. example:

30 05 * * * export MBSE_ROOT=/bbs; /bbs/bin/mbmsg kill pack link -quiet
Another purpose is to automatic post messages in message areas. Echomail and netmail is possible.



In order to run mbmsg you must set the global variable $MBSE_ROOT. This variable must point to the root directory of the bbs structure. The main configuration file must be present in the ~/etc directory.



mbmsg link Link all messages by subject ignoring Re: in the subject lines. You should run this after tossing or scanning mail.

mbmsg kill Kill messages in areas that have the age set or the maximum messages set. A setting of 0 is ignored. The messages are not removed from the message base, they are only marked as deleted.

mbmsg pack This command actualy removes the messages who have the deleted flag set. The lastread pointers are updated and the messages renumbered. After this command there is no way you can recover your messages, except from backups.

mbmsg post <to> <#> <subj> <file> <flavor> This command posts a message in numbered area. If a field consists of more then one word it must be surounded with quotes. The to field can be "Michiel Broek" for a full name or "Michiel_Broek@f16.n2801.z2.fidonet" for netmail addressing. Look out: you need underscore between the firstname and lastname, no spaces. Flavor can be one or more of the characters "c", "i", "h" or "p" to set the Crash, Immediate, Hold or Private flags. If no flavor is needed, use the - (minus sign) as a placeholder.



mbmsg [command] -area <#> Process only one area <#> number.

mbmsg [command] -quiet Quiet mode, no screen output. Use this switch if you run mbmsg from the crontab.

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