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MBSE BBS Setup - BBS Users.


This screen lets you edit some settings of the BBS users. Note that the users database will never be packed and users will always keep their record number. If a user is deleted the record will be blanked. New users will get a blank record if it exists, otherwise the database will be expanded. The reason for this is the LastRead pointers of the message areas, BBS systems who do it in another method mostly can't keep track of LastRead pointers and records, and they mix all users LastRead pointers. Fields that can be changed by the users themselves are in the second screen.


Edit User

Full Name    The full (Fidonet) name of the user.
Security     The security level of the user.
Expirydate   The expiry date of the user DD-MM-YYYY.
Expiry Sec   The security level the user gets after expiry.
Unix uid     Displays the unix name of the user.
1st login    Displays the date of the first login.
Last login   Displays the date of the last login.
Pwdchange    Displays the date of the last password change.
Credit       The users credit.
Hidden       If the user is hidden from listings etc.
Deleted      User must be deleted.
No Kill      User can never be deleted.
Comment      The comment about this user.
Locked       Locked out of the BBS.
Guest        Is this a "guest" account on/off.
Ext Info     Send ^aKLUDGES with BlueWave downloads.
Email        If this user has an email address.
Calls        Displays the number of calls.
Downlds      Displays the number of downloads.
Down Kb      Displays the number of Kilobytes downloaded.
Uploads      Displays the number of uploads.
Upload Kb    Displays the number of Kilobytes uploaded.
Posted       Displays the number of messages posted.
Time left    Show the time left in minuts and reset the time.
Screen 2     Go to next setup screen.
Watch out when changing the unix userid of the user, you need to change the system password file and the users home directory manually.

User editor

Edit User Private Settings

Handle       The nickname of the user.
Location     The location of the user.
Address 1    The address of the user line 1.
Address 2    The address of the user line 2.
Address 3    The address of the user line 3.
Voicephone   The voice phonenumber of the user.
dataphone    The data phonenumber of the user.
Birthdate    The birthdate of the user DD-MM-YYYY.
Password     Change password for this user.
Sex          Users sex, male or female.
Protocol     The selected file transfer protocol.
Archiver     The selected archiver.
Charset      The users preffered character set.
Screenlen    The length (lines) of the users screen.
Language     The language the user uses.
Hotkeys      Hotkeys on/off.
Color        Color on/off.
Fs Chat      Fullscreen Chat on/off.
Silent       Do not disturb on/off.
CLS          Sent clearscreen codes on/off.
More         More prompt on/off.
Editor       Select message editor.
MailScan     Scan for new mail at logon on/off.
ShowNews     Show "news" screens on/off.
NewFiles     New files scan at logon on/off.
Emacs        Use Emacs (or Wordstar) FS edit shortcut keys.

User editor

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