Last update 25-Oct-2001

MBSE BBS Setup - Edit Services.


Services are special mail accounts. Netmail addressed to one of these names will be handled according to the action that is selected. Current implemented actions are AreaMgr, FileMgr and Email. So if you name a service Areamgr and set the action to AreaMgr then an incoming netmail will be directed to the Areamgr function. If you define a service listserv and set the action to Email then and incoming netmail will be converted to email and send to the listserv account at your host.


Edit Services.

Name      The name of the Service.
Type      Toggle the service type with the spacebar.
Active    If this service is active.
Deleted   If this service must be deleted.

Here are some example services:

UUCP		Email
allfix          FileMgr
areamgr         AreaMgr                                                  
fmail           AreaMgr                                                  
gecho           AreaMgr                                                  
mbtic           FileMgr                                                  
raid            FileMgr
Note: the UUCP services is needed if you are gating email!

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