Last update 05-Mar-2007

MBSE BBS Setup - Newfiles Reports.


For each network you can define one or more newfiles reports to announce the newfiles that arrived on your BBS. The files to include in the reports are specified by the newfiles groups you can include or exclude for announcement.


Reports Setup.

Comment     The comment for this report.
Msg area    The JAM message base to write the report in.
Origin line The origin line to use.
From name   The name to use in the "From:" field.
To name     The name to use in the "To  :" field.
Subject     The text to use in the "Subj:" field.
Language    Not in use yet, but DO select! 
Template    Not in use yet.
Aka to use  The Fidonet aka to use in this area.
Active      If this report is active.
Deleted     If this report must be deleted.
New groups  The screen to define the groups to include.
CHRS kludge The CHRS kludge an encoding to use.

Newfiles reports

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