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MBSE BBS Setup - BBS Setup - Language Setup.

Language introduction.

You need to define at least one language, this is the default language. The ISO language code of the dfeault language needs to be the same as in the global setup 1.5.24 and should be set to en. I did this so you can make your own local languages next to the default languages. If something is not present in your local language, the BBS will fall back to the default language. It is therefore wise to name all menus, macro templates and textfiles the same for all languages used. When you setup the languages for the first time, entries for English, Dutch, Spanish, Galego, German, French and Chinese languages are created.

And important note about the ISO code, don't change this. And if you do, then you must change the directory name under /opt/mbse/share/int to the same name as the code here. For example for the en code the system expects the following paths and files:



Language setup.

Select      The letter to select this language.
Name        The name of this language.
ISO code    The 2 letter ISO code of the language.
Available   If this language is available.
Security    The minimum security level to select this language.
Deleted     If this language must be deleted.

Language setup

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