Last update 10-May-2002

MBSE BBS Setup - File Echo's Setup - Hatch Manager.


Hatch files is nothing more than entering a new file into a file echo. That file is searched for on your system in a specific directory with a certain filemask. This can be for example a new created nodelist or an allfiles listing. Everytime mbfido tic is run it will scan for files defined in this setup. If such a file is found, a special .tic file is written and stored in the mailers inbound directory. When the mbfido starts processing .tic files, that new hatched file will be processed as if it was received form another system. To let this work, you obviously need an existing TIC area.

The filenames to hatch may be long filenames as long as there are no spaces in it. In the TIC file a short filename will be created for the old style tic processors. The long filename is inserted in the TIC file as well. The short filenames are created in the same way as windows does.


Hatch Manager Setup.

Mask    The path and filename mask to search for. 
        "?" matches any character, "#" matches digits and "@" matches
        upper or lowercase letters. Except for the "@" the test is
	case sensitive.
Area    The area to hatch this file in.
Replace The filename to replace, ie. "nodelist.z*"
Magic   The filerequest magic name, ie. "nodelist"
Desc    The description of the file, %12 in the description
        means copy the 12th character of the name in place.
Dupe    Check for duplicates.
Active  If this area is active.
Deleted If this area must be deleted.
Days    The days in the week to scan for this file.
Month   The dates in the month to scan for this file.

Hatch manager setup

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