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MBSE BBS Setup - BBS Setup - File Areas.

File Areas introduction.

This is the setup for the file areas in which users can up and download files. This database has fixed area numbers, the database can't be packed. Extending the database is allways possible. One important note, before you can set this up, you need to define the newfiles groups.

If you change the path in an existing area, all files in that area are automatic moved to the new location.


File Areas Setup.

Area Name  The area name.
Path       The full path to the file area.
Down Sec.  The download security level.
Upl. Sec.  The upload security level.
List Sec.  The security level to list the files in this area.
Available  If this area is available. If you make an available
           area unavailable the area is checked if there are 
	   downloadable files in that area. If so, you can't remove 
	   the area. If there are none you will be asked if you are 
	   sure. After the area is made unavailable, the record is 
	   filled with reasonable default values.
Check New  Check this area for new files if a user logs in.
Dupecheck  Check this area for duplicates if a user uploads a file.
Free area  If all files in this area are free.
Direct DL  Allow direct download from this area.
Pwd upl.   Allow users to password protect their uploads.
Filefind   Search in this area for filefind requests.
Add alpha  Add .tic files alphabetic sorted or at the bottom of the list.
File req.  Allow File Request from this area.
BBS group  Not in use yet.
New group  New files announce group. See Newfiles groups for more info.
Min. age   Minimum user age to access this area.
Password   The password for this area. If blank, no password is needed.
DL days    How long must a file not been downloaded to (re)move it.
FD days    How old must a file be to be (re)moved.
Move area  The area to move the file to, if zero it is deleted.
Archiver   The archiver to use to repack the files with.
Upload     Alternate upload area. If a user uploads a file in this
           area, it will be placed in the alternate area. If the
           value is zero, the file will be placed in the current
           file area. On CD-rom areas you must not leave this zero
           unless you set the upload security level so high that
           nobody can upload in this area.

File areas setup

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