Last update 05-Mar-2007

MBSE BBS Setup - Filefind Areas.


The filefind idea on Fidonet came from the program Allfix written by Harald Harms. The idea is that a user writes a mail in a filefind area addressed to "Allfix" with in the subject line the items to search for. On all BBS'es with a filefind utility those programs try to find the requested files and then produce a reply of which files they have found. That reply can be in the same area, in a special reply echo or can be sent by netmail. Usually the user gets a lot of replies from which he can see if someone has the file(s) available he was searching for.


Filefind Setup.

Comment     The comment for this area.
Origin      The origin line to use for the reply.
Aka to use  The Fidonet aka to use in this area.
Scan area   The JAM area in which to scan for requests.
Reply area  The JAM area to put the replies in, leave blank if in the same area.
Language    The language to use for the reply.
Template    The name of the macro template file.
Active      If this area is active.
Deleted     If this area must be deleted.
Net. reply  If the reply will be sent by netmail.
CHRS kludge The CHRS kludge and encoding to use.
Keywrd len  The minimum keyword length allowed in search.

Filefind setup

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