Last update 12-Aug-2005

MBSE BBS Setup - File Echo's Setup - TIC Areas.


In this setup you can define the File Echo's or TIC areas. Files received or send from this areas are bound together with a *.tic file with information about the file and where to store that file. Each file echo must belong to a group, in this grouprecord is the information about costsharing and some other details. When a file is received at your system you can do several things with that file before it is stored in your download areas such as; scanning the file for virusses, extracting the FILE_ID.DIZ file to use as description, allow update of magic alias, convert to another compression format, replace the file archive comment with an add of your own bbs and limit the number of files (nodelists).


TIC Area Setup.

Comment    A description for this area.
Area tag   The tag for this area.
Security   The security access flags for downlinks.
BBS area   The BBS download area number, 0 means passthru.
Message    Not in use yet.
Group      The group where this area belongs to.
Keep #     The number of files to keep, the name must match.
Fido aka   The Fidonet aka to use for this area.
Convert    The archiver to convert to, leave blank for none.
Banner     The bannerfile (in ~/etc) to replace in the archive.
Replace    Honor the "Replace" command in the .tic file.
Dupecheck  Check for duplicates in this area.
Secure     Check if the sending system is connected.
Touch      Touch rearchived files to the original date.
Virus sc.  Try to scan for virusses.
Announce   Files may be announced in this area.
Upd magic  Allow update magic request name.
File_id    Try to use the FILE_ID.DIZ file for description.
Conv.all   Convert archive even if it is already right.
Send org.  Send original received file instead of the file from the BBS.
Mandatory  Downlinks can't disconnect from this area.
Notified   Not in use yet.
Upl discon Not in use yet.
Deleted    If this area must be deleted.
Active     If this area is active.
New SR     Give new node links the status SR instead of S.
Systems    To the screen with connected systems.

TIC area setup

Global Commands.

From menu 10.2 you can enter the global commands menu. In this menu you can:

  1. Delete connection
  2. Add new connection
  3. Replace connection
  4. Change connection status
  5. Change aka to use
  6. Change security flags
  7. Delete TIC area
After you have selected the action you want and added the items to do, you will see a screen were you can select TIC file area groups. You can then tag one or more groups and press enter when you are done. Then you have one chance to perform the actions or to bail out. All areas matching in that group are affected by your changes. If you are not happy with the result, don't save the database and no harm is done. The file mbsetup.log shows all affected areas.

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