Last update 29-Jan-2001

MBSE BBS Setup - fidonet Networks

Each fidonet network can have maximum 6 zones. The main zone (where you are) must be the first zone, the others will follow. You can add 6 additional nodelists to merge with the main nodelist. These additional nodelists are normally more recent that the main nodelist, so entries in the additional nodelists will replace entries from the main nodelist when you compile the nodelists. In the shown example you can see that I have a regional nodelist and a pointlist added for my region. For each additional list you must specify the RC address because that information is normally not present in these nodelists. Watch out! Nodelist names are case sensitive. If you receive a nodelist and automatic put them in place with the mbfido program, and the resulting file is uppercase, you must use uppercase names here also. You don't need to give the extension of the nodelist name, the mbindex will figure that out.

Fidonet networks setup

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