Last update 08-Mar-2004

MBSE BBS Setup - Files Database.


This option allows you to manually edit the files in the files database. The option to edit the file description is not present at this moment, but will be when I have the time. The basic file entries can't be changed.


Edit File.

FileName  The 8.3 filename of the file.
Long fn   The long filename of the file.
FileSize  The size of the file in bytes.
FileDate  The real date of the file.
Last DL.  The date of the last download of the file.
Upl.Date  The upload date.
TIC Area  The name of the tic area the file was received in.
Magic     The magic name to download/freq this file.
Uploader  The name of the uploader.
Times DL  The number of times downloaded from the BBS.
Password  The password to access this file.
Deleted   If this file should be deleted.
No Kill   Don't delete this file with mbfile
Announced If this file is ever announced as new.

File database setup

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