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MBSE BBS Setup - Mail Setup - Message Groups.


Message Groups are to logically divide your echomail areas in groups for different mail networks. It makes sense to select the groups by uplink, and areas file that is available for each network. When you have defined a Areas file and a message is received while you have no area for it, the area will be created with the defaults that are set in the message area group. This will only work if you receive a message from the uplink defined in this group, not from any downlinks. A note about the Start at area you can define, this may be higher then your number of areas currently is. As soon as a area is created in this group the areas database will be expanded so that it fits. Select these values carefully, make sure you have room for all possible areas in that group and skip a number of extra areas for future expansion.


Message Group Setup.

Name        The name of the group.
Comment     The description of the group.
Base path   The base for the JAM path without the area name.
Read sec    The read security for bbs users for auto created areas.
Write sec   The write security for bbs users for auto created areas.
Sysop sec   The sysop security for bbs users for auto created areas.
Link sec    The link security to copy to new created areas.
Start at    Start area number (lowest) to create new areas.
Net reply   Netmail reply board for auto created areas.
Users del   User may delete for auto created areas.
Aliases     Are aliases allowed in auto created areas.
Quotes      Append a quote when user writes in auto created areas.
Active      If this group is active.
Deleted     If this group must be deleted.
Auto change Change areas when running mbfido areas.
User change Create/delete areas when users connect/disconnect.
Use Aka     The Fidonet aka to use.
Uplink      The Fidonet aka of your uplink.
Areas       Areas file in the path defined in 1.4.6 screen 2.
Charset     Default character set to use.
GoldED grp  Groupnumber for GoldED include file.

Mail groups setup

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