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MBSE BBS Setup - Mail Setup -> Mail Areas.


Mail areas have fixed area numbers, just like file areas. But if you want you can move areas. Some offline readers don't like changing the area numbers. All areas can be of the following types: local, netmail, echomail and news. If you gate news and echomail in the same area, then select echomail if this area is a Fidonet area, select news if this area is a Usenet news area.

There is a global setup tool, if you are in the main message area setup screen then you can choose the Global command. This will allow you to do bulk changes on areas selected by the mail groups. Options are delete connection, add new connection, replace connection, change connection status, change days old for purge, change maximum messages for purge, change user security, change aka to use, change origin line, change netmail reply board and delete message area.


Message Area Setup.

Area Name   The description of the area.
Area Tag    The echomail area tag.
Group       The name of the echomail group.
Newsgroup   The newsgroup name if you are gating this area.
JAM base    The path and name of the JAM message base without extension.
Origin      The origin line to add to echomail messages.
Fido Aka    The Fidonet aka for this area.
QWK name    The name of the area for OffLine Readers.
Distrib.    Leave this blank for now!
Area Type   Local, Netmail, Echomail or News.
Msg Kinds   Private/Public, Private, Public, Read Only.
Charset     Default characterset for the area
Active      If this area is active.
Days Old    The maximum age of the messages before purging.
Max. Msgs   The maximum messages in this area.
Articles    The maximum news headers to fetch.
Netreply    Netmail reply area if this is echomail.
Read Sec.   The security level to read messages.
Write Sec.  The security level to write messages.
Sysop Sec.  The security level to do sysop actions.
User Del.   Users may delete their own messages.
Aliases     Allow the use of an Alias.
Quotes      Add a random quote under new messages (Oneliner database).
Mandatory   If this area is mandatory for downlinks.
UnSecure    Don't check link address during toss (Dangerous!).
OLR Default Switch area default on for OLR users.
OLR Forced  Area is always on for OLR users.
Connections This will take you to the screen to edit up and downlinks.
Security    The security flags for downlinks to access this area.

Mail areas setup


Edit connection

Aka         The network address.
Send to     Export mail to this node.
Recv from   Import mail form this node.
Pause       The node is temporary disconnected.
Excluded    The node is disconnected by the sysop.
Delete      Delete this connection.

A note about the excluded switch. This can be used to disconnect a node from the area by moderator request. AreaMgr requests from that node for this area are not processed anymore, he cannot disconnect this area and reconnect. If you want to block access to the area in a certain group for a node who has access to the group you should use the Security flags and also set the correct security flags for the node.


Global Commands.

From menu 9.2 you can enter the global commands menu. In this menu you can:

  1. Delete connection
  2. Add new connection
  3. Replace connection
  4. Change connection status
  5. Change days old
  6. Change max. messages
  7. Change max. articles
  8. Change bbs security
  9. Change link security
  10. Change aka to use
  11. Change origin line
  12. Change netmail reply
  13. Delete message area
After you have selected the action you want and added the items to do, you will see a screen were you can select message area groups. You can then tag one or more groups and press enter when you are done. Then you have one chance to perform the actions or to bail out. All areas matching in that group are affected by your changes. If you are not happy with the result, don't save the database and no harm is done. The file mbsetup.log shows all affected areas.


Automatic area creation.

If you want to use the automatic area creation you have to define this in the message area groups. This has been changed since MBSE BBS version 0.33.19.

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