Last update 16-Nov-2005

MBSE BBS Setup - Internet BBS Chat


MBSE BBS has the chat system that can be linked via internet, Internet BBS Chat (IBC) using the protocol described in FSP-9999.999. With this setup you can define other BBS systems to link with. To use IBC with other systems you need to make sure that UDP port 60179 is open on your firewall.


Edit systems

Comment   The remote BBS name or a comment.
Server    The Full Qualified Domain Name of the remote.
Dyn. DNS  Yes if the remote uses a dyndns name.
Myname    My FQDN (default copied from 1.2.10).
Password  The password for the link.
Active    Is the link active.
Deleted   If this records must be deleted.
Compress  Use zlib compression on the link (Not yet).

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