Last update 09-Nov-2003

MBSE BBS Setup - archiver programs

To process mail, files and test new uploads you need archivers to process those files. For each (un)archiver you must setup the full path and filename and commandline switches. Archivers and unarchivers may be different programs such as zip and unzip.

There is a little difference in processing mail and files, mail will always work on the same directory, while for ticfile processing the archives can contain subdirectories. So it is obvious that for rearchiving a file you need the recursive switches to keep the directory structure within an archive as it was.

There is also a special command to replace a banner in an archive. This is when you receive files with the banner of your uplink in it and you want to replace it with the add of your own bbs and you don't want to mess with the files in the archive.

The last option is to extract the file FILE_ID.DIZ from the archive, this can be used for file description when the file is imported in your bbs. To make life a little more easy, during the first bbs setup the most common archivers already configured. You only need to make sure that they are really present on your system.

When you configured the sources and build mbse, the configure script searched for excisting archivers. When mbsetup was run the first time, when mbtask was started, the archivers found on your system are already configured with the right paths and enabled. If you want the refresh the archivers configuration again after you added new archiver programs, then remove /opt/mbse/etc/ Compile the whole bbs again, start with make clean and ./configure. After you reinstalled the binaries, run mbsetup and the new archivers are automagic added to the setup. Of course, you can also add new archivers manually. Archivers that were not originally found but are known, are present in the setup but are disabled.

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