Last update 02-Sep-2007

Upgrade MBSE BBS


First of all, if you upgrade from a previous version of MBSE BBS, read all the ChangeLog entries from the version you are currently running upto the new 1.1.0 version you are installing. Then make a backup of at least all files in /opt/mbse/bin and /opt/mbse/etc.


Install the source.

Login as user mbse. Yes, very important, login as user mbse. While in mbse's home directory (/opt/mbse) unpack the distribution archives:

tar xfvj /path/to/mbsebbs-1.1.0.tar.bz2
You now have the subdirectory with sources in the right place. Next build the binaries and install them using the following commands:
cd ~/mbsebbs-1.1.0
make clean
su        important, do not use "su -"
password: enter root password here
make install
Ubuntu users should do:
cd ~/mbsebbs-1.1.0
make clean
sudo make install
The last part of the installation procedure shows you the location of the bbs startup script that is added to your system. Remember this one for a moment.

Now restart the bbs (still as root) by executing the startup script you just saw on the screen followed by a space and the word reload or restart, this depends on the distribution you use. There are also distributions that must use the startup script twice, once with stop and then start as parameter. For example:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/mbsed reload
Ubuntu users do:
sudo /etc/init.d/mbsebbs restart
This will close the bbs, kill mbtask, start the new mbtask and open the bbs again for use. At this point you may need to update some configuration settings with mbsetup. Read the ChangeLog for the details. The ChangeLog may also describe a different restart procedure if this is needed.


Other updates

Not everything is updated during the upgrade, only the binaries. Normally this is enough. However it may be that the example menus, macro templates are updated in the distribution. Because these files may have some very personal changes, these files are not overwritten. You can force that, in the subdirectory ~/mbsebbs-1.1.0/examples type

make help
to see what you can force to update. But carefully taking over the changes may be better.
In the directory /opt/mbse/bin and /opt/mbse/etc are new scripts installed. They have the extension .new and you need to examine these to see if you can simply copy these over your current ones.

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