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MBSE BBS Setup - Modem types

In the setup screen you can define all kinds of modems you use. This includes ISDN modems. This is not the setup of individual lines, that is in the next section, so if you own a bbs with 5 analogue lines with only two brands and types of modems connected, you need only to define those two types of modems here. Some defaults are installed during initial bbs setup.


Setup a modem.

Type             The description of this modem.
Init 1           The first modem init string.
Init 2           The second init string (if needed).
Init 3           The third init string (if needed).
Reset            Not in use
Hangup           Only needed if drop DTR doesn't work.
Dial             The dial command.
Info             Command to get caller-id (not tested).
Ok               The modem "OK" response.
Offset           The answer/connect time offset.
Speed            The maximum modem linespeed, ie 28800.
Available        If this modem is available.
Deleted          If this modem must be deleted.
Stripdash        Strip dashes from the dial command.
Connect strings  Here you can define 20 connect strings.
Error strings    Here you can define 10 non-connect strings.


Special characters

\\               Send one backslash.
\r               Send the CR character.
\n               Send the LF character.
\t               Send the TAB character.
\b               Send the BS character.
\s               Send a space character.
\d               Wait one second.
\p               Wait 0,25 second.
\D               Send untranslated phone number.
\T               Send translated phone number.


The Hangup field

This is only needed if your modem doesn't hangup by dropping the DTR line for one second. Most modems do that if &D2 or &D3 is in the init string.


The Offset field.

The Offset field is to calculate the cost for outgoing calls. Analogue modems need time to establish the connection, 6 seconds is quite common. So when you see the CONNECT BLABLA message, the phone connection is there already 6 seconds and you are already paying for 6 seconds. This offset is thus added to the total calculated connect time for cost calculations. For ISDN modems this can be 1 or 0.


Modems setup

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