Last update 03-Jan-2006

How to setup an webserver to work with MBSE BBS.


To let a webserver work with MBSE BBS you must organize a special file structure. Note that even if you don't setup a webserver you must still create a structure like this for the fidonet mailer, if you don't, mail and files will get lost! This description is written for Apache, this is installed on most GNU/Linux and xxxBSD distributions. For the directory structure, read the setup for the FTP server.


Important settings in mbsetup.

Screen 1.18:

1.  Base path      /opt/mbse/ftp/pub
Screen 1.19:
1.  Docs root      /var/www/htdocs
2.  Link to ftp    files
3.  URL name       http://www.mbse.ym
The base ftp path is the default which mbse bbs installs. The Docs root for the apache httpd server is different on each distribution, in this example it is set for Slackware 8.0. Because the directory /var/www/htdocs has nothing to do with /opt/mbse/ftp/pub we make an alias link named files. For the URL name you must fill in the real internet name how your bbs is reached. If someone types this in, he must get the index.html from the directory /var/www/htdocs, the docs root. I just assume you have your http server up and running.

Now you can run the command mbfile index, this will create a main index in the directory /opt/mbse/ftp/pub and additional index.html files in all your download areas.


Change Apache server configuration.

As root edit your httpd.conf file, it is possible that you find it in /etc/apache, but that depends on your distribution. In the section between <IfModule mod_alias.c> and </IfModule> insert the following lines:

    # Alias for MBSE BBS download areas.
    Alias /files/ /opt/mbse/ftp/pub/
    <Directory "/opt/mbse/ftp/pub">
        Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks
        AllowOverride None
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all

    # Alias to access the MBSE BBS documenatation
    Alias /mbseman/ /opt/mbse/html/
    <Directory "/opt/mbse/html">
        Options Indexes MultiViews
        AllowOverride None
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
Then restart Apache with the command apachectl restart Now if you access your webserver with for example you must be able to browse the filelists. If you use you must be able to browse this documentation online.


Example views

This are some snapshots of how this will look like, click to enlarge:

dreamlandbbs dreamlandbbs dreamlandbbs


Counting downloads

If you want to increase the download counters when files are downloaded via www you must make sure that the web logs the downloads to a access_log file, for example /var/log/apache/access_log. This logfile must be readable by user mbse and must be in combined format. You can set this in your apache configuration file. Then in mbsetup menu 1.13.4 enter full filename and path to this logfile. The mball program will parse this file and increase the download counters for the files that are downloaded from the webserver.

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