Last update 11-Jul-2004

Binkly style outbound documentation for MBSE BBS.

The MBSE BBS outbound directory structure is BinkleyTerm compatible, with domains and point subdirectories (full 5d). There are separate "protected" and "unknown" inbound directories for incoming sessions. Files received during outbound sessions are always placed in the "protected" inbound directory. Only the "protected" inbound directory is processed automatic.

.pol	Poll flag, is handled as crash immediate, the length is always 0 bytes.

	Flow files are files with the full pathnames to the files to send
	on disk. Names are translated by MBSE BBS to full DOS filenames and
	paths depending on your setup. 
	If you use it then it is importand that you think about the directory
	structure to use. See also the documentation about the setup of the
	ftp server
	The filenames may be prepended with a special character:
	#	= Truncate file after sent.
	- or ^	= Kill file after sent.
	@	= Leave file after sent, this is the default. Upto version
                  0.61.1 this was empty.

.flo	Normal flow file (contains complete filenames to send).
.clo	Crash flow file.
.hlo	Hold flow file.
.dlo	Direct flow file, overrides CM flag.

	The following are .pkt files, during the mail session they will be
	renamed to nnnnnnnn.pkt with an unique name and added to the spool
	file. Messages can allways be added to the outbound as long as the
	node isn't locked.

.out	Normal .pkt file.
.cut	Crash .pkt file.
.hut	Hold .pkt file.
.dut	Immediate .pkt file.

.req	Request file. Contains filenames in ascii with <cr><lf>.

.su0	Arcmail bundles, the last digit may be any digit or letter.

.sts	Node status file created by mbcico. These are data files containing
	three values: 
	1. 'time', this is the time when a new call to this node is allowed.
	    (in time_t format).
	2. 'retries', is the number of retries to try to connect that node. This
   	    field is zeroed when the call succeeds or when that node calls in.
	    It is also zeroed when a new poll is created. Currently, mbcico stops
	    calling a node if the counter is higher then 30.
	3. 'code', is the return code of the last attempt.
	0      - Successfull call
	1      - No dialout port available
	2      - No CONNECT or TCP connect failed
 	3      - Could not reset the modem
	4      - System is locked
	5      - Retry time not reached?
	6      - Fatal error in nodelist lookup
	7      - Call prohibited by config options
	8      - Phone number unavailable
	9      - No free matching port
	10     - Unused
	11..29 - Session (handshake) errors.
	This file is not compatible with the .sts files created by ifcico.
.spl	Spool file, created by mbcico.

.bsy	Busy file, for locking nodes. The 'pid' of the process who locked that
	node is inserted into this file. All programs of the MBSE BBS package
	(and ifcico package) check if the pid exists if a .bsy file is found.
	If there is no pid found, the lock is a stale lock and is removed.
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