Last update 23-May-2003

BBS doors dropfiles.

Dropfiles for Unix BBS systems.

Not all options that are available under DOS or OS/2 can be used with Unix BBS systems and must be faked. The doorfiles are written in the users homedirectory when the user starts a door.


DOOR.SYS format.

The door.sys format is a 52 lines ascii textfile, each line is terminated with a cr/lf pair. In the setup it is possible to force the creation of MM-DD-YYYY dates instead of the MM-DD-YY style. Newer doors sometimes need that.

Line	Description
-----	-----------------------------------------------------------------
1	Port, 5 characters in DOS format, COM1: or COM0:
2	Effective Baudrate, 19200 or 0 for COM0:
3	Databits, always 8
4	Nodenumber, 1..9999
5	Locked baudrate, 19200 or tty portspeed for COM0:
6	Screen display, Y=snoop on, N=snoop off, on Unix allways Y.
7	Printer Y=on N=off, on Unix always N
8	Page Bell Y=on N=off, on Unix allways Y
9	Caller alarm Y=on N=off, on Unix allways Y
10	Users first name and lastname
11	Users location
12	Voice/Home phone
13	Work/Dataphone
14	Users password.
15	Security level, 0..32768
16	Users number of calls
17	Users last call date MM-DD-YY or MM-DD-YYYY
18	Seconds remaining this call
19	Time left in minutes
20	ANSI, "GR" is yes, otherwise "NG"
21	Screen length
22	User mode, always N
23	Always blank
24	Always blank
25	Subscription expire date MM-DD-YY or MM-DD-YYYY
26	Users record number
27	Default protocol
28	Users total number of uploads
29	Users total number of downloads
30	Users daily download kilobytes total
31	Daily download kilobyte limit
32	Users date of birth MM-DD-YY or MM-DD-YYYY
33	Path to users database files, cannot be used on Unix
34	Path to message database files, cannot be used on Unix
35	Sysop first and last name
36	Users handle
37	Next event starting time, "none" on Unix
38	Error-free connection Y=Yes or N=No, always Y
39	Always set to N
40	Always set to Y
41	Text color as defined in setup 7 = gray.
42	Always 0
43	Last new files scan date MM-DD-YY or MM-DD-YYYY
44	Time of this call HH:MM
45	Time of last call HH:MM
46	Always set to 32768
47	Number of files downloaded today
48	Total kilobytes uploaded
49	Total kilobytes downloaded
50	Comment stored in users record
51	Always set to 0
52	Total number of messages posted


DOOR.SYS format.

The door32.sys format is a 11 lines ascii textfile, each line is terminated with a cr/lf pair.

Line	Description
-----	-----------------------------------------------------------------
1	Com type: 1=serial, 2=telnet, with mbse always 1
2	Com port: 1 or 0 for local mode
3	Effective baudrate: 19200 or 0
4	BBS name
5	User record number
6	User's real name
7	User's handle
8	User's security level
9	Time left in minutes
10	Graphicsmode: 1 or 0
11	Node (line) number
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