Last update 18 August 2020

MBSE BBS Error Codes

This is a list of possible return codes from all MBSE programs and utilities. These codes can be used in scripts. If a program exits normally, the return code is 0. If a program exits by a signal, the return code is the signal number. This means if you kill a running program with a SIGTERM, the program exits with the SIGTERM error number, usually error number 15. These error codes are all nearly identical on all *nix platforms but there may be differences between distributions. Just do a kill -l to see a list of errors for your own platform.

Possible return codes:

  1. Command line error
  2. Configuration error
  3. Initialization error
  4. Full disk partition
  5. UPS alarm detected
  6. No valid recipients
  7. Execute external program failed
  8. Set TTY failed
  9. File transfer error
  10. File attach failed
  11. Can't lock program, retry later
  12. Node not in nodelist
  13. Node may not be called
  14. Can't make connection
  15. Can't open TTY port
  16. Node is locked
  17. Node IP address not found
  18. Unknown session type
  19. Not Zone Mail Hour
  20. Modem error
  21. No modem port available
  22. Session error (password)
  23. EMSI session error
  24. FTSC session error
  25. WaZoo session error
  26. YooHoo session error
  27. Outbound scan error
  28. Can't make poll
  29. File request error
  30. Error processing nodediff
  31. Virus found
  32. General error
  33. Timeout error

The mailer can also return the following error codes:

  1. TTY general error
  2. TTY timeout
  3. TTY EndOfFile
  4. TTY Hangup
  5. TTY Empty

When an external program is run, a MBSE program can exit with the return code of the external program with 256 added to it. So if the external program exits with error code 7, the code returned by the MBSE program is 263.

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